Our Commitment to Sustainability

How Are We Staying Green?

  • Carbon Off-sets are a standard part of every registration so your guests can elect to shrink their footprint as part of travelling to your conference.  Learn more about our carbon off-set program below.
  • We promote the use of reusable bags, personal water bottles, and travel mugs in our dining centers and retail markets.
  • We make it our priority to purchase local produce when available, and also to purchase other local and organic food items when our standards are met.
  • We offer a healthy variety of entrees plus vegetarian and vegan options at every meal.
  • Many of our special events, such as Global Jam, feature our “zero waste” campaign.
  • We use EnergyStar-rated equipment, eco-friendly cleaning supplies, and have recently conducted energy/water conservation audits in all of our dining operations.
  • We continually conduct staff training and customer outreach to increase participation in our sustainability efforts.
  • Annually, CU Conference Services and Housing & Dining Services compost over 200 tons of food waste, collect 2,236 gallons of used cooking oil to make biodiesel, and recycle over 150 tons of cardboard, glass, and plastic.

How Can You Stay Green?

  • Take advantage of our fair-trade, organic, and vegetarian/vegan options available throughout our dining centers and on-campus retail locations.
  • Bring your own travel mug or water bottle for your beverages in our dining centers, grab-n-go’s, and anywhere else you go.
  • Make sure to recycle your cardboard, paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic into the appropriate receptacles.

Carbon Offset Program

Sustainability is our commitment to you and our community.  Through carbon offsets as part of your registration or zero-waste catering events, your Conference Coordinator will advise on strategies to shrink your event’s footprint while maintaining its professionalism and unique qualities.

CU Conference Services has partnered with the Environmental Center at the University of Colorado Boulder to allow conference attendees to purchase carbon offset credits. The purchase of carbon offsets represents a reduction in emissions from a specific energy project to offset those created by air/auto travel to attend the conference. This year the carbon offsets go to an innovative methane recovery project with the Southern Ute Tribe here in Colorado through Native Energy.

For more information on the University's carbon offset program, visit CU's Environmental Center Website. These carbon offsets are available for purchase at an additional cost, based on attendee travel, on the conference registration form.